How it Works

What is doTERRA?

doTERRA is an international company led by an executive team of business, marketing, health, science and medical professionals. As the feature in many studies, it has partnered with globally renowned institutions and universities.

Since its foundation in 2008, doTERRA has become the universal leader in essential oil. As the industry best in retention, the company has the highest percentage of engaged purchasers anywhere.

85% of people that join doTERRA wish to purchase at best value.

15% of people that join doTERRA want to build a business.

65% of all members purchase every three months at least.

When you consider the average industry retention rate is only 8%, the company’s exceptional products and calibre speak for themselves.

But what’s so important about retention?

Simple. A high retention rate means a high demand for products. If lots of people want it, lots of people buy it – including new business builders. Excellent quality and versatile practicality sell doTERRA over and over again – so you keep on earning, time after time.

How does it work?

Starting your own doTERRA business has minimum risk and maximum reward.

Get started with an enrolment kit and become a Wellness Advocate! You’ll get your own wholesale account, earning you a 25% profit on all retail.

My top suggestions are:






Both kits offer wonderful possibilities for starting your own business. The only difference is the entry level you decide to join at!


So how do I earn?

As part of your wholesale membership, doTERRA offer the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), a benefit that rewards loyalty with profit. This program is a great option for users, and a must for business builders and sharers, as it enables you to earn both credit and money.

Spend a minimum of 100PV (product volume) per month, and you’ll be eligible for Fast Starts, Power of 3, commissions, bonuses and start-ups. You’ll also receive a monthly discount of 10% – 30% on LRP monthly orders. If you spend a minimum of 125PV, you also qualify for the free product of the month!

If you’re looking to maximise your commercial journey, the LRP is an essential and rewarding part of the process.


And what do I get?
  • Weekly mentoring sessions with Hollee
  • Access to a private Facebook leaders page
  • Access to Facebook groups
  • Access to your own back office
  • Comprehensive training from Hollee and doTERRA
  • Support from Hollee and doTERRA

Do I have to ship products to customers?

Nope! doTERRA does it all for you. No personal postage, no handling, no customer service queries. You just educate people on the power of essential oils – and let doTERRA deal with the rest.

So how do I grow my business?

There are so many simple, effective ways to share with people. Some of my suggestions include:


Drive sales through social connections; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – whatever!


Share a video, write an article, or create a gallery. Websites and blogs allow you to show and tell.


Create regimens, programs and sessions based on your oils. Perfect for wellness practitioners and health consultants.


Approach business owners – restaurants, health practices – about wholesale and business opportunities.


Skype, meet for a coffee date, or keep favourite samples handy in your bag for daily meetings and interactions.


The sky’s the limit! Hold an introductory class or a themed workshop. Make it big or small. Make it public or private. Whatever works for you!


You can create these for repeated distribution. Consider webinars, YouTube tutorials, e-courses and e-books.


Make it more fun with a party! A pamper night is a great way to introduce your oils.

Why choose doTERRA?

73% of the global population seeks to improve personal health with natural solutions.

But only 13% of the population (and 0.003% of Aussies) are familiar with doTERRA.

The most popular method of recommendation is word of mouth.

If you could get your product out to the remaining 87%, imagine how successful you’d be.

Why join doTERRA?
  • The products are incredibly effective
  • To gain more flexibility
  • To increase your income
  • To establish a retirement plan
  • To grow personally and professionally
  • To make a positive, global change

Who can use essential oils?

doTERRA can be bought, used and sold by practically anyone!

  • People of all ages
    Including newborns
  • Schools
    Childcare, preschool, primary, high school university, special needs
  • Health food retailers
  • Juice and smoothie retailers
  • Restaurants
    Cafes and bars
  • Pharmacies
  • Health care practitioners
    Acupuncturists, TCM practitioners, chiropractors, anaethestists
  • Vets
  • Clinics
    Dental, orthopaedic, psychology
  • Real estate agencies
  • Yoga, pilates and meditation studios
  • Wellness centres
    Retreats, massage therapies
  • Hospitals
  • Athletic industries
    Gyms, nutritionists, health coaches
  • Online stores
  • Bloggers
  • Beauty salons and studios
    Hairdressers, beauticians, day spas

How do I profit?

Your potential to earn with Hollee and doTERRA is limitless. Designed to support lifelong residual income, there’s no ‘get rich quick’ scheme. As a direct sharing company, you’re rewarded for your own work ethic and effort – as it should be.

You generate profit in many rewarding ways!

These five streams of revenue are:

Paid Monthly

Wellness Advocates earn a 25% profit from purchases made by a retail customer when a product is bought from their personal online doTERRA storefront.

Paid Weekly

In addition to receiving commission on the enrolment kit sold, you’re paid on a new enrolees PV for the first 60 days. Profit can be made in the first week of building your business! Each enroller must have a 100PV Loyalty Rewards order to participate in this bonus.

Paid Monthly

Based on the doTERRA structure. Each team requires 600TV (team volume) to receive this sponsor bonus.

Paid Monthly (compressed organisational TV – team volume)

Unilevel bonuses are the heart of your lifetime residual income! A solid distributor and customer base will earn you commission and bonuses from product orders and reorders.

Paid Monthly

6% of global profits are divided between leadership ranks. As the company grows, so does your bonus.

How much can I make?
Elite $300 $3,600
Premier $600 $7,200
Silver $2,216 $26,592
Gold $4,916 $58,992
Platinum $9,583 $114,996
Diamond $17,083 $204,996
Blue Diamond $38,500 $462,000
Pres. Diamond $112,750 $1,353,000

*Indicative only. All earnings are based on individual performance.

Action steps
  • Purchase an enrolment kit and become a Wellness Advocate
  • Join the Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Begin training
  • Share your products
  • Earn commission as early as the first week
  • Build your team
  • Continue to earn