Living Richly

Essential oils are incredibly versatile, offering many uses, remedies, and benefits.

In our home we use essential oils from the moment we rise, right until the moment we rest. These essential oils, oil-infused products, and supplements are truly magic – blending seamlessly and effectively into our daily routines.

As the purest essential oils in the world, they are also the most potent. What I love most about doTERRA oils is the way they work to keep our minds and bodies functioning in harmony. These incredible oils have had profound effects on our lives – dramatically reducing stress, anxiety, everyday toxicities, and much more.

Informed self-care improves personal health and happiness. doTERRA oils offer us power over ourselves – enriching our total wellbeing with holistic solutions, and balancing our emotional, mental and physical health overall.

Thank you Hollee, for introducing me to the amazing world of doTERRA’s essential oils.

Amelia Burton
Nutritionist and Co-Founder of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT