Live Richly

The choices we make in life are the choices that enable us to live either richly or poorly. But what does leading a rich life actually mean?


As someone who strives to live richly in all aspects, I’m here to talk you through it.




  • Having meaningful relationships
  • Doing what you love
  • Living your life’s purpose
  • Finding financial freedom
  • Leading a whole, balanced life
  • Thinking positively
  • Empowering others by giving back
  • Maintaining optimal health




From personal experience, I’ve identified four common threads amongst people that live richly.


  1. They carry no consumer debt.
  2. They love how they spend their days.
  3. They realise they have the power to initiate change, with positive thinking and an open attitude.
  4. They maintain successful, significant relationships.


There are a few fundamentals I’ve identified that can be implemented to enrich anybody’s life – regardless of what makes you happiest.




In order be truly happy, it’s essential to lead our own lives – and not the lives others want for us. If you’re not being authentic to yourself, you’ll never achieve genuine pleasure.


Engage Healthy, Holistic Habits


Living a rich life – a complete, whole, abundant, generous life – means adopting a holistic approach to find strength in our relationships, careers, health and emotions.


Negative thoughts and self-doubt are natural, but their presence impacts heavily on our mindset. Stay mindful of your emotions and their cause. Isolating the root of your feelings means you’re better equipped to find a solution. By being conscious of self-sabotaging patterns, you can correct negative thinking and improve your outlook instantly.


In support of my overall health, I personally utilise doTERRA essential oils to boost my immunity, clarity, and mindset, eat a balanced, nutritious diet, and exercise regularly – or at least that’s what I call running around after my boys! Nurturing your body in ways that work for you is a priority to rich living. I’m not saying you should eat kale all day; I’m saying you should find the best balance for you.


Seize the Day with Loved Ones


Each day we get to spend with the people we love is a precious gift. Cherish and collect the memories you make with them. Experience the world through their eyes. Make genuine connections.


My life is far richer not because of the income I make, but because of my positive friends, my supportive husband, my loving family, and my two gorgeous boys. I am constantly surrounded by love and light, and as such, my days are filled with fine company.


Without these important people – the people who lift us when we’re down and always have the right words to say – we’d lead poorer quality lives.


Expand Your Mind


Always be open to learning and growing. New experiences offer us valuable opportunities to expand our knowledge.


Feed your mind with enriching material. Absorb interesting literature, travel and broaden your horizons, watch inspiring films, listen to moving music, and write down personal experiences. Indulging the mind is incredibly rewarding for your ‘mental wealth’. The more you absorb, the more your mind expands. The more your mind expands, the greater your capacity for empathy becomes.


Never shy away from challenges if you think they may ultimately be rewarding. We all face testing situations in life – and those who live richly always grow stronger on the other side.


Enable Yourself to Live Richly


Leading a rich life doesn’t mean inheriting monetary wealth. Money may go a long way to offering freedom, but it isn’t the only thing to strive for. Being truly rich means living life on your own terms. It means being happy.


Be open to new experiences. Be open to challenges. Be open to positivity in all its forms. Whatever comes, welcome it with an open, grateful heart. And always remember to be thankful for the good things you’re given in life – no matter how big or small.


If you’re not already incorporating these habits into your life, try. You’ll soon realise you’re on the right path to living richly.

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