Life before doTERRA was average. My health was far from great, I was using a slew of chemical-laden products, and I had no passion for my career. But cut to life now, and things are so much better.


Looking back on my experiences before and after doTERRA, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in three main aspects of my life: giving back to the community, greater wellbeing, and ultimate freedom as my own employer. That’s why I’ve decided to share the life changing benefits of doTERRA with you.




doTERRA has broadened my horizons exponentially. I’m incredibly privileged to meet and work with likeminded people every day, while continuing to make lifelong friendships and collaborative partnerships. The collective support of the doTERRA community is one of best aspects of these essential oils, as I know with absolute certainty that this encouraging and inspiring collective will always have my back.


But the doTERRA community is also founded on more.


Co-Impact Sourcing is one of doTERRA’s greatest trademarks, improving the lives of both farmers and oil users in a dramatic way. doTERRA does so by searching the globe for the best plant materials to harvest and distil for quality and potency – often in undeveloped countries facing environmental and economic challenges. This generates work and income for communities who genuinely need it, and also builds long-term relationships with international distillers and artisans.


In addition to creating employment for economically disadvantaged populations, doTERRA has developed the Healing Hands Foundation. This valuable non-profit partners with organisations and doTERRA Wellness Advocates to offer hope to millions around the world, by creating group-based, social impact projects that improve the lives of larger communities.


Past projects have included building and sponsoring of medical clinics, schools and training facilities to provide educational resources that empower people with the tools of self-reliance, relief for countries impacted by natural disasters, and installation of clean drinking water and irrigation systems. doTERRA’s finest charity work is perhaps the abolishment of child sex trafficking – a goal the company is steadfastly working towards. As a proud partner of Operation Underground Railroad, their aim is to extract and rehabilitate as many victims as possible.


With proceeds of specific oils and LRP donations given to the foundation directly, doTERRA makes the process of helping others incredibly easy. If you can change the lives of people who have so little, you can also impact entire economies and future generations.


Working with an amazing company that strives to do such good in the world, and for future generations, is an incredibly empowering feeling. Knowing that every drop of essential oil produced by doTERRA has its own story makes the charitable work this organisation does all the more special and community-oriented. I’m so proud to serve love and compassion alongside a company that displays such true heart and soul.




Since incorporating doTERRA essential oils, essential oil infused supplements and other products into our daily life, my family and I have become so much more happy and healthy! Essential oils are incredibly versatile, and their wellness benefits are endless. Not only do they make me feel better physically, they also help regulate my mind, mood, emotions and spirit.


I use doTERRA to support my overall health in the following ways:


  • Supporting digestion
  • Boosting immunity
  • Relieving aches, pain, tension and muscle soreness
  • Balancing weight
  • Preservative, calorie and additive-free cooking flavouring
  • Natural first-aid
  • Non-toxic cleaning agent
  • Non-toxic beauty product
  • Improving mood, concentration and focus
  • Settling sleep and insomnia symptoms
  • Balancing hormones
  • Regulating children’s behaviour
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Relaxing the mind and relieving stress
  • Balancing my emotions


Understanding how to nurture my body with the right diet, exercise, and rest leads to greater wellbeing and reliance – and when balanced with doTERRA, makes me feel more energised and active overall. I feel so relieved to know my family and I are no longer putting nasty toxins into our bodies, because doTERRA’s products are all natural. I also feel empowered that my family and I can take control of our own health and wellness in our home with these tools on hand.




I’ve been dedicated to living holistically as long as I can recall – but with doTERRA I’ve finally been able to implement it fully. I’m so passionate about helping people succeed, and empowering them to believe that they too can take control of their life, health, wellness happiness and finance. I know my purpose is to support, encourage and guide others through this amazing journey.


Thanks to my doTERRA business, I now have absolute freedom! Being my own boss is incredible after so much time in the corporate system, because it has improved my personal development in so many ways. The skills I’ve learnt can be adapted into any aspect of my life, and have aided me in overcoming my own obstacles – including limited self-belief. I make it a daily practice to speak from my heart, and move towards the light in cleansing my own attitude. I can spend as much time with my family as I want, whenever I want. I can travel and manage my business from wherever I want. And I can share this incredible lifestyle choice with everybody – which is what I want most.


I love enriching the lives of others by divulging my knowledge and passion for essential oils as a non-toxic, natural alternative, and if they choose to do the business coaching them to business success at the same time. I am both grateful and humbled to know that I’m finally living my destiny, by giving my highest self to the world. I take such delight in growing my business, helping individuals and families find their own brilliance, contributing something good, and initiating real change in the world.


doTERRA enables me to give back to society, to support my boys by offering them greater opportunity in life, and to educate them in the value of health and wellness from a young age. It’s the best feeling in the world to know I’ve found a job that gives me such purpose.


This company has encouraged me to love myself, align with my core values and beliefs, join an incredible community, give back to others, embrace better health, live a life of courage and honesty, and start my own business. But more than that – doTERRA has reminded me how to live.


If you think it might be time to make some life changes, talk to me. I’d love to help you through it.

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