My Go-To Oils for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children


The only things I really want for my babies are good health, happiness and the opportunity to experience life to the fullest – without any pain, suffering or sadness. I’m sure many other mothers share these sentiments.

The most difficult part of parenting is making decisions for my children that have the potential to affect these hopes. Keeping my kids safe and healthy isn’t always an easy task, so I incorporate essential oils into their daily lives to encourage natural healing.

My love of essential oils always results in a desire to share their benefits with everyone. If you’ve got babies, toddlers or young children in your family, doTERRA’s essential oils and products are powerful resources to support a healthy, holistic lifestyle. A significant amount of documented, scientific evidence supports the safety and benefits of essential oils for babies and young children.

From personal experience, I can assure you they work a treat! I used essential oils on my second son Augustus when he was only a few weeks old, and have used them on both sons daily ever since. If these products are applied with care and common sense it’s easy to safely reap their immense benefits – physically and emotionally.

While it may seem like essential oils are the latest, greatest fad, humans have been using them for millennia. Essential oils contain constituents that are recognised by our body systems and handled appropriately – so you can rest assured that if you’re treating your child with essential oils, you’re not reinventing the wheel.

Personally, I’ll only ever use doTERRA essential oils on my children, because they’re reputable, trustworthy and safe. As the most potent, pure essential oils on the market, they offer incredible therapeutic value and are affordable to boot.



Young children can reap the benefits of essential oils through aromatic and topical applications. Make sure to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil (vegetable oil or fractionated coconut oil) when applying topically to babies and toddlers, as their skin is more sensitive than adult skin.



I’ve broken down my top ten go-to oils for kids, as I use these on a daily basis. I hope you and your little ones can also enjoy the many therapeutic benefits of these oils.




My number one oil for all things children! Fantastic for soothing skin without any nasty petrochemicals or parabens, lavender is great for bites, stings, burns, cuts, scrapes, sunburn, diaper rash and more. Massage a dilution onto your bub’s feet before bed, or diffuse in the evening to promote calm, relaxed sleep.


Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

Tea tree oil is wonderful for soothing skin irritation. Its antibacterial effects heal wounds quickly, in addition to cleaning the cut and skin. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria and antifungals, loosens mucus to clear the airways, minimises pain and increases energy and alertness. For earaches, apply a single drop to a ball of cotton wool, placing it over the ear – not inside – and secure with a Band-Aid, or dilute one drop with 10ml of carrier oil and gently rub behind the ears.



An incredible immune support for babies, children and parents, frankincense is extremely calming. Helping to boost low moods and to support overall wellbeing, this oil also stimulates healthy inflammatory responses. Learning to roll, crawl and walk can be precarious – so this essential is often my go-to!



This is a great oil to diffuse in the mornings, when children need focus and invigoration. Peppermint is also cooling by nature, so I always apply this to my boys when they come down with high temperatures. Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to the soles of the feet to witness incredibly quick results. Avoid the eye area. Fun fact: this is the oil that converted my husband into a devoted doTERRA lover!


Wild Orange

My absolute favourite single essential! In addition to energising the mind, the amazing smell is an instant mood lifter, and is great for soothing little tummies. Combine a drop of wild orange and a drop of lavender with 10ml of fractionated coconut oil, for a gentle, child-friendly massage oil. You can also diffuse two drops of orange with lavender and frankincense to create a calming, happy environment during the day.




Digestive Blend

Digestzen works wonders on occasional nausea, cramps, reflux, diarrhoea, motion sickness, wind and upset tummies. Simply add a drop to a carrier oil and massage into the soles of the feet, or in clockwise motions on the stomach.


On Guard

Protective Blend

On Guard knocks out bacteria, viruses and mould. I combine it with a carrier oil and massage into the soles of my kids’ feet to support their immune systems when seasonal threats are high, but you can maximise its benefits through diffusion or as a household surface cleaner. It’s also great for cleaning toys!



Respiratory Blend

Excellent as an aromatic and a topical oil, this blend is amazing for all things respiratory. A diffused combination of Breathe and lavender oil will help your tot enjoy a natural, restful night of sleep. Blending Breathe with frankincense and lavender can also help relax chest tightening.



Grounding Blend

Let’s face it, being a mum or dad is often stressful. That’s why Balance is the grounding blend in our household – a solution that supports parents as well as children. Apply Balance to the soles of your feet, wrists and back of neck everyday to ease stress, irritability and anxiousness. This blend is effectively calming when little ones are emotionally distressed.


Lavender Peace

(AKA Serenity)

I love, love, love, love, love this oil! It’s basically sleep in a bottle. I add a drop or two of this blend to my boys’ baths each night before bedtime, and it never fails to get them calm, relaxed and sleepy. If your bub is teething, you can also apply a diluted solution softly along the jawline.




You can find the majority of these as singles and in the Home Essentials Kit– both available for purchase through Hollee.

If you’d like to try some samples, purchase oils, or need advice on specific remedies, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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