Loyalty Rewards Program

Maximise your wholesale membership with loyalty benefits!

doTERRA’s greatest feature is the free Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), introduced to share appreciation with repeat customers.

When embarking on your essential journey you may discover there are items you wish to purchase regularly. The LRP makes it incredibly easy to order these oils, oil infused products, and supplements. It also rewards you with the chance to earn 10% – 30% of your total purchase back in the process, offering product points that serve as currency towards future oil purchases. You’re also offered the opportunity to join doTERRA’s beneficial business model if you so choose.

By simply signing up, I have received almost $100 back every month in free products!

If you set up your LRP with Hollee and place a 100PV+ Loyalty Rewards Order (LRO) by the 15th of the following month, you’ll receive a 496-page hardcover book as a free welcome gift from me!

The Modern Essentials: The Complete Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils. This book is the most comprehensive reference guide on essential oils and is amazingly practical for anyone wanting to learn about essential oils and their everyday uses.

The LRP Process

  • Sign up for a wholesale account
  • Create your Loyalty Rewards Order (LRO)
    Setup is simple! Login to your online account, then create an LRO. Easy!
  • Accumulate points with LRO purchases
    Each doTERRA product has both a Point Value (PV) and a dollar value. Loyalty Rewards values are calculated on PV, which equals the wholesale price in many cases. Total product PV can be found on the order form, or under the shopping cart PV column.Your enrolment kit determines your ‘starting percentage’. This point-earning percentage grows steadily over time, increasing by 5% every three months when you order above 50PV each monthAfter the increase halt at 30%, you’ll receive 30% of your PV points back in product credits.
  • Earn a free product of the month
    When you place an order equal to 125PV (or more) between the 1st and 15th of the month, you’ll receive a free product with that order! This product is announced on the 1st of each month.
  • Change your LRO at any time
    Don’t need the same product as last month? Login to your online account to edit your LRO! Make sure to do so before the shipping date.
  • Redeem product credits
    Login to your virtual office to redeem credits online or reach Member Services at (02) 8015 5080.
LRP tips to remember
  • There’s no lock in contract
    You’re free to cancel your LRP at any time on (02) 8015 5080.
  • To keep your LRP account active, you must spend 1PV minimum per month
  • LRP is required to earn bonuses, commission, Power of 3 and Fast Starts.
    In order to qualify for these benefits, you must place a 100PV (minimum) order each month. If you’re active in sharing, enrolling and building your business, having an automatic LRP order established will ensure you get back what you give, in free products.

The Shipping Rewards Program

Wellness Advocates can earn product credits that may be redeemed with the Shipping Rewards Program (SRP). You’ll receive your total shipping cost back in SRP points, allowing you to claim free products.

The SRP Process
  • Any online/automated order placed by a wholesale customer receives 50% of shipping costs back in SRP points.
  • Any LRO or enrolment order placed through Member Services receives 50% of shipping costs back in SRP points.
  • If an LRO or enrolment order is placed online, the consultant (or customer) receives 100% of shipping costs back in SRP points (free shipping).
If you’d like to talk through any part of the essential process, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to benefit your benefits!