Growing up, I was the kind of child people automatically love – funny, spirited, affectionate, caring and strong-willed. Though I wasn’t naughty, my unwillingness to conform often got me into trouble, and I was disciplined to believe that my natural instincts – to have fun, self-express and follow my whims – were somehow wrong. My parents gave me everything, and I adored them – so I adapted to their idea of ‘correct’ behaviour.


When I was 16, I decided I was going to be a fashion designer, and left school to study a course. I was still young and immature when I completed my diploma, with no real notion of what to do with the certificate or which direction to take next – but to me it didn’t matter. My primary concern was partying and having a good time.


I had no work ethic, yet I kept thinking success would fall into my lap any minute. My fortunate access to family affluence meant I never wanted or worried for money. Dabbles in magazine fashion styling were few and far between, so I didn’t really do anything but hang with friends.


While I was out having a grand old time, my two sisters were busy working for the family business. Deep down, I knew the work wasn’t right for me – but after little accomplishment in fashion, I just wanted to lead a nice lifestyle, with a reliable weekly income and my own independence. So, I gave up the thing I’d dreamed about most – creating something I was entirely passionate about – and went to work.


I justified denying my passion by telling myself it was the right thing to do. As the future inheritor of the business I genuinely thought I should understand it comprehensively. Though these decisions were subconscious, I’ve come to realise I hadn’t succeeded in previous endeavours because of an underlying lack of self-belief. If I didn’t try, I couldn’t fail.


I dreaded the soul crushing, unrewarding, unfulfilling, uninspiring paper pushing I did every day, but I spent the next 20 years working for the family business because it was my inheritance, and therefore my key to financial freedom. Of course, things didn’t pan out that way.


While I was blindly waiting for promises to become reality, our business was sold – and everything I had been working for crumbled. I plummeted into a stressful, uncertain future.


Valuable lesson learned: don’t rely on others to build your dreams.


At the time of the sale, I was trying to fall pregnant. In that first, scary year, having a baby was no small feat, and I experienced two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. The strain on my mind and body was too overwhelming – so I made the decision to leave. My husband booked me into a health retreat, and I focused on nourishing my wellbeing back into balance. Fortunately I fell pregnant soon after, gave birth, had my second child 11 months after my firstborn, and am now the proud mother of two beautiful boys.


Severe sickness during both pregnancies gave me time to ruminate on my past 20 years and how I wanted to continue. Looking back I regretted nothing. As much as I had disliked the job, the business experience gained was priceless. I was equipped with confidence, a strong work ethic and a capable skillset, and had grown substantially both personally and professionally, through study of Neuro Linguistic Programming.


I now knew what I wanted. I wanted to express my passion through work, live life in good health, collaborate with likeminded people, be my own boss, choose my own hours, support my boys, be aligned with my core values and beliefs, make an impact, and find my purpose. I wanted to be self-reliant and never have to depend on anyone else again. I wanted abundance, and the financial security to pursue my dreams and give back. I wanted freedom to live the life I deserved.


But how to get there? University was out of the question. Forget about going back to print. Another mundane job in a new industry was a no go. And the most unappealing option of all: take a financial risk and start my own business, while mothering two babies under the age of one. Then I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen for years, and found doTERRA.


Belinda had been in the health industry her entire life, and ran her own health food store. While discussing my previous illness, the desire to focus on my wellbeing and energy arose. That’s when she mentioned doTERRA – an amazing range of essential oils with no other parallel like it. Belinda was actually selling her store and starting her own doTERRA business – a move that puzzled me, because I didn’t really get the point. How could you make good money out of essential oils? Didn’t you just burn them to make the room smell nice?


Trying to keep an open mind, I went along to her doTERRA workshop. I was immediately blown away by its multiple health benefits, uses and financial opportunities. Since that day, doTERRA’s essential oils and products have been incorporated into my family’s everyday routine. They have had an incredibly profound impact on bringing my life back into balance.


I did start my own business – and the best part was that there was absolutely no financial risk! I had no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’, because doTERRA was proven to work if I just put the effort in.


doTERRA stands for love, compassion, resilience, hope and freedom. These values are totally aligned with my personal beliefs, and offer everything I’ve been searching for. Now work never feels like a chore. I wake up every morning with invigoration in my step, ready to work with and meet new, inspiring people.


I’m incredibly grateful for all the hard lessons I’ve learned along my journey, because they’ve made me who I am today. I am a creator. I know my purpose. I am of service. I push through boundaries. I am a nonconformist. I take action. I accept responsibility. I am empowered. I am so happy.


I have found the me I suppressed so many years ago. And everything is possible now.


If you’d like to learn more about doTERRA’s as a business or and the life changing benefits of doTERRA oils, get in touch with me today.

0408 314 277

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