151 Uses of doTERRA’s Top 10 Essential Oils

Essential oils support the body physically, emotionallymentally and spiritually. This has scientifically been proven. doTERRA essential oils also replace toxic household and self-care products. They are so pure they can even be used in your food and beverages to enhance flavour and give added health benefits at the same time.

I use and recommend doTERRA Essential Oils as they are 100% Pure, Ethically and Sustainably Sourced from the part of the planet where they naturally thrive and come from. The co-impact sourcing model also supports farmers globally including from many developing countries as well as here in Australia. They are third party tested for potency and purity. These oils can be used at any age, they are safe, affordable, natural, free of contaminants/synthetics/fillers and offer incredible therapeutic value.

These oils have endless uses and benefits. Here are just some of the ways you can use these amazing little bottles of magic.

doTERRA Essential Oils Guide



  1. Get Rid of The Sticky Stuff. Lemon essential oil is excellent for removing sticker residue, fake tattoos, gum out of hair and permanent marker. Simply add a few drops wait a minute then peel or rub off.
  2. Add it to your Drinking Water.You can add a drop or 2 of lemon oil to your drinking water, this provides a refreshing drink with cleansing and digestive benefits working towards keeping your body alkaline.
  3. Crystal Clear Sparkling Glassware and No Tarnished Silver. Put a couple of drops of lemon in your dishwasher to keep your glassware sparkling, it’s amazing at cutting through grease. You can also soak a cloth in the lemon oil to clean tarnish off your silver or other metals.
  4. No Nasties on your Fruit and Veg. Soak your fruit and veg in water and add 3 drops of lemon oil, let it sit for half an hour to clean and get rid of any chemicals or pesticides.
  5. Protect your Leather. Protect and clean your leather furniture and clothes from splitting and becoming dry by soaking a cloth in lemon oil and rubbing it over them.
  6. Protect and Shine Wood. Add a few drops of lemon oil to olive oil to clean, protect and shine wood and other furniture.
  7. Road-Trip Relief. The next time you go on a family road trip, (with family or pets) add a little Lemon on cotton wool balls or any other absorbent material and spread over your air vents to create a more pleasurable trip.
  8. Brighten and energize your mood. Diffuse lemon essential oil to promote a positive mood and cognitive ability, a great one to diffuse at your desk. You could also add 2 drops of peppermint to keep you alert. Diffusing it will also neutralize odours.
  9. Tired Cracked Feet. Pamper yourself by mixing a few drops of Lemon and Melaleuca to some fractionated coconut oil and apply to your feet.
  10. Pick-Me-Up.When you lack motivation or energy, try rubbing a drop of Lemon on your hands, the back of your neck or even through your hair. You’ll be amazed at the power of the Lemony aroma!
  11. Flavour Boost.Add a drop of Lemon essential oil anytime you are cooking with lemon juice (Salmon on the BBQ or any other marinades, guacamole, hummus, salad dressing, bliss balls, lemon meringue pie, Lemon zest etc.) to give it a deeper, more rich flavour. It’s soothing in winter teas, you can simply add Lemon essential oil to warm water, or to a herbal tea and honey. It’s also great in smoothies or in green juice.
  12. Lemon in your Laundry. Instead of dryer sheets, try adding a few drops to a damp wash cloth in the dryer with the rest of your laundry. Be sure to set the dryer to a low-temperature cycle as high heat will lessen the effects of the oil.
  13. Super Study Powers. Diffuse with Peppermint in the classroom or during homework time to help the kids concentrate, stay awake and focused.
  14. All-Purpose Cleaner. Mix 5-6 drops of Lemon essential oil with water and vinegar in a spray bottle to cleanse and purify surfaces. Use to clean kitchen counters and stainless steel appliances. For stainless steel, mix Lemon essential oil with olive oil for best results. you can add lemon oil to cotton wool balls and place in your fridge, shoes, and bins for a more pleasant smell.
  15. Preserve your Fruit and Veg. Use Lemon essential oil in a spray bottle to keep your cut fruit fresh until serving. Added benefit your fruit won’t oxidize and it will add a nice zesty flavour.
  16. Soothe an Irritated Throat. Layer Frankincense and Lemon over the throat area or take a drop of Lemon in a small amount of raw honey (not suitable for children under 1)
  17. Healthy Respiratory Function. Try diffusing two drops Lemon, two drops Peppermint and two drops Lavender for a great seasonal relief blend.

Tea Tree (Also known as Melaleuca when ordering from the states)

  1. After Shaving. Apply to prevent any skin irritation. You can also mix Tea Tree with a bottle of fractionated coconut oil for a great facial moisturizer. Consider also mixing with Lavender or Frankincense for added benefits.
  2. Add to your Lotions for Added Oomph. Help soothe your skin by placing 1 drop of Tea Tree essential oil in your moisturizer during your morning and night skin routine. You can also apply to skin blemishes and rashes as part of a daily cleansing program.
  3. Bathroom Cleaner. Combine 10 drops of Tea Tree with ½ cup baking soda and ¼ cup vinegar to clean the toilet.
  4. Refresh Your Wash. Add a couple drops of Tea Tree to laundry detergent to get rid of any musty smells caused by poor ventilation.
  5. Homemade non-toxic baby wipes. Cut a paper towel roll in half and place it in a storage container with 2 cups of warm water, 2 tablespoons fractionated coconut oil and 3 drops each of Tea Tree and Lavender oil. When the liquid is absorbed, remove the cardboard roll and pull wipes from the center.
  6. For When Soap Won’t Do It. Tea Tree is great for removing permanent marker from skin.
  7. Baby Bottom Remedy. Mix Tea Tree with Fractionated Coconut Oil, Lavender, and Frankincense to make a diaper paste for baby’s irritated skin.
  8. Too much sun. Apply Tea Tree to the skin during your family vacation or after a long day in the sun.
  9. Sleep Feeling Clean. Spray Tea Tree on your mattress pad when you change the sheets.
  10. Handy for Hikers. Take Tea Tree essential oil in your pack next time you go for a hike. Tea Tree is a great cleansing agent for occasional scrapes, bites and other skin irritations.
  11. Learn from The Past. Historically, Tee Tree oil was used as a cleanser for the face and to deal with periodic skin challenges.
  12. Boost Your Immune Function. Diffuse Tea Tree or rub it on the bottom of your feet. Combine with the Protective blend for even more immune support.
  13. Chemical-Free Cleaning. Dilute 8-10 drops of water in a spray bottle to clean around the house. It is great to use in damp places and in the bathroom!
  14. A Young Athlete’s Best Friend. Apply directly to the feet and toenails after practice each night and especially if you are also showering, swimming or exercising in public, high traffic areas.
  15. Healthy, Happy You. Massage onto the bottoms of feet and the chest area to promote overall health, especially during the winter. For occasional skin irritations, scrapes and bites apply Tea Tree directly to the skin or dilute with a drop of fractionated coconut oil.
  16. No Nits. Spray your kid’s hats and hair with water, Tea Tree, and Rosemary, bugs DON’T like these oils.


  1. Support Healthy Breathing. Dilute a drop of Peppermint oil combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil and place under your nose to support open airways and help you breathe easier.
  2. Tired hot feet. Add Peppermint to a cold compress and cool down your overworked feet or add a few drops to some Epson salts in a foot bath, amazing!
  3. Get away From Summer Heat. Keep a spray bottle of water with a few drops of Peppermint essential oil nearby, especially when you really need to cool down! Spray it all over your body and face (eyes closed). You can also use it to support high temperature – for children dilute in fractionated oil and apply to the sole of feet and down the spine.
  4. Breath freshener. Use a drop of Peppermint with Lemon in water for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse. It freshens breath and builds confidence in your close encounters. You can also just put a drop in your mouth.
  5. Deadlines, long days, late hours. Rather than grab an unhealthy sweet snack to revitalize you ‘go the extra mile’, deeply inhale Peppermint to feel revitalized and ready to go.
  6. Respiratory and Sinus Support. Place a drop or 2 in the palms of your hands and Inhale deeply to invigorate lungs and increase alertness. You can also take a drop on your thumb, put it on the roof of your mouth and inhale deeply, diffuse or even just smell it straight from the bottle.
  7. Got Head Tension. Apply to neck and forehead with Lavender to relieve tension and pressure.
  8. Sore Muscles and Joints. Peppermint is a great way to cool joints without taking an ice bath. It helps to soothe occasional muscle and joint discomfort.
  9. Writer’s Block. Peppermint can support blood circulation and leave you feeling rejuvenated to keep those creative juices flowing. Simply spritz Peppermint on child’s shirt before study time for improved concentration and alertness, or diffuse Peppermint with Wild Orange.
  10. Tummy Calmer. Rub on the stomach or take internally for occasional digestive discomfort.
  11. In Your Drink or Other Goodies. Add a drop of Peppermint to your hot chocolate, chocolate doTERRA Slim and Sassy trim shake, homemade chocolate ice-cream and baked goods for a yummy twist or simply add to hot water for a cup of Peppermint tea.
  12. Control Appetite. Most people eat until they feel full. Diffusing Peppermint will help reign in the urge to snack on junk food. It’s a good way to control appetite and to feel full faster.
  13. Long Drives. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel! Inhale Peppermint from a handkerchief or straight from the bottle to perk up on long drives.
  14. Peppermint Bliss Balls. Add to taste peppermint oil to your bliss balls next time.
  15. Awaken Your Senses. Before your next workout, apply a bit of Peppermint to your chest or just take a deep breath straight from the open bottle. Then, after your workout add to shampoo to stimulate your senses and help with scalp health.


  1. Take A Lavender Bath. Drop a bit of lavender essential oil along with Epsom salts to your bath water for an ultra-relaxing experience.
  2. Clear the Mind. Apply Lavender to the temples and back of neck to ease anxious feelings and stress and promote mental clarity.
  3. That’s Hot! The next time someone doesn’t realize the iron pan or pot is still hot; apply Lavender oil to the affected area to soothe the skin irritations, reduce redness and ease swelling. A great oil to keep in the kitchen.
  4. Mascara Seen Better Days. Simply add a few drops of Lavender oil to your mascara bottle to bring it back to life.
  5. “Ouch” relief. One drop of Lavender will help relieve the pain and sensitivity of occasional sore gums, dry or chapped lips, bites, occasional scrapes, and abrasions, or after too much sun.
  6. Head to Toe Rest. After a hard workout or a long day on your feet, rub Lavender along with Lemongrass on your legs and feet.
  7. Quick Fix. Mix three parts Fractionated Coconut Oil with one part Lavender essential oil in a small spray bottle or roll on to help clear up skin irritation associated with chafing. Great for little ones!
  8. Bring on the ZZZ’s. Rub Lavender oil diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil on the bottoms of the feet for a more restful sleep.
  9. Enjoy a Fresh and Clean Mattress. Sprinkle a mixture of 1 cup baking soda and 10 drops of lavender essential oil over your mattress. Allow the mixture to sit for at least one hour then use the vacuum hose to clean it up. You can combine with drops of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Clove or Rosemary as well.
  10. Relax and Sleep. Give the children a Lavender foot massage in a carrier oil to calm them down in the evening, pop a drop or two on their and your pillows. Diffuse Lavender with Vetiver to promote a peaceful deep night’s sleep.
  11. Natural Face Scrub. Fill a small jar with oatmeal, and add 5-8 drops of Lavender oil. When it’s time to wash your face, add water and it becomes an excellent natural scrub!
  12. Flavour Twist. Lavender adds a unique and delicious flavour to marinades, custards, bread, cookies, icings, and even honey and syrup.
  13. Homemade Aftershave. Use after shaving to soothe and soften skin and to lessen the redness and burning caused by razor burn.
  14. Care for Your Baby Belly. Rub Lavender essential oil onto an itchy tummy while pregnant.
  15. Therapeutic Dish & Laundry Soap. If your liquid soap smells a bit flat, you can add Lavender for additional aromatherapy benefits. It transforms your cleaning experience!
  16. Beauty benefits. Add a drop to your daily moisturizer for extra scent and beauty benefits.


  1. Calm Down. Inhale Frankincense with Lavender and Peppermint and apply to neck to help calm stress and relieve tension.
  2. Nourish Your Skin. Use a drop of Frankincense with 3 drops of carrier oil or in unscented lotion for beautiful, radiant looking skin.
  3. Spread the Love. Frankincense smells wonderful and uplifts the mood. Wear it as a perfume to lift your mood and feelings of alertness.
  4. Overworked Hands. Rub Frankincense on your hands after a long day of gardening or working to promote a normal inflammatory response.
  5. Time to Focus. Apply 1-2 drops to your temples and the back of your neck to help improve your concentration.
  6. Nails of Steel. Dry weather can take a toll on your nails. Try applying a drop of Frankincense to strengthen weak fingernails.
  7. Goodness in a Cup. Dilute a drop of Frankincense in 1 teaspoon of honey or in a small herbal tea and take daily to maintain good health.
  8. A Calming Mood Lifter. Frankincense can be applied to the bottoms of feet to relax and calm mood swings minor to major. In fact, it has been used to calm expectant mothers during pregnancy and labour. Diffuse in the room or massage a drop onto the chest or back of the neck.
  9. Cellular Vigour. Frankincense is a component of the Cellular Complex blend DDR Prime because it promotes healthy cellular proliferation. So, take Frankincense in a Veggie Capsule to support healthy cells in your body! Or put a drop on your thumb and press against the roof of your mouth or under your tongue, this is great for brain function and mood.
  10. No More Nerves. Use Frankincense to help relieve anxious feelings and create a positive mood! Try combining Frankincense, Peppermint, and Wild Orange essential oil in your hand, rub hands together and inhale deeply. This mix will also help with the most severe need for a three o’ clock pick-me-up!
  11. Be Youthful. Frankincense can help promote youthful, radiant looking skin and slow the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of skin imperfections. Dab with 1 drop of a carrier oil to trouble areas or put a drop in your moisturizer when applying.
  12. Relax and Revitalize. Soak in a warm Frankincense bath to calm the nerves or diffuse Frankincense in the bathroom while you relax in the tub or after showering, add a few drops to a warm, wet washcloth for a final rinse. Enjoy the earthy smell as the steam creates your own personal sauna.
  13. Frank to The Rescue. Frankincense has been used for centuries for challenged skin, skin problems, age spots, scarring and nearly everything related to skin. It’s wonderful for aging skin too! Apply directly to the skin and dab the excess with a cotton ball.
  14. Muscle Discomfort Relief. Use Frankincense with a cold compress after working out or on a hot day to cool down and relax or, use with a hot compress to soothe tired muscles or occasional cramps.


  1. An Immune System Boost. Take 1-2 drops in a Veggie Capsule, with olive oil, for periodic immune support.
  2. Bad Sanitary Conditions. Concerned about the sanitary conditions of a public place you or the kids have just walked on with bare feet? Your feet absorb more than you think. Follow up by applying one drop of Oregano and Thyme, diluted with 6-7 drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil. Happy Feet!
  3. Savour the Flavour. Put a drop of Oregano essential oil in your spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, on a roast, add a drop of Oregano oil and Basil oil to olive oil for a savoury bread dip or any other entrée and main dishes for delicious flavour. Oregano is strong, you may want to put the drop first on a spoon and then use a toothpick to slowly add the oil to the recipe.
  4. Apply to Warts., surround the area with Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply a drop of Oregano oil every day for at least a week.
  5. Keep Warm. Dilute just 1 drop in several drops of fractionated coconut oil and massage quickly into hands and feet to help warm the body. Or on a cold winter day, Oregano added to an earthy, hot tea can do wonders to the body and soul!
  6. Target the Source of Unsightly Skin Woes. Anyone’s skin can have imperfections, bumps or feel irritated. The same properties that make Oregano great for internal use are also effective as a topical ointment. Use sparingly! Oregano is potent. Dilute 1 drop to 2ml of Fractionated Coconut Oil for adults.
  7. Digestive Dilemmas Abated. Oregano oil helps create a peaceful environment that is unfriendly to ‘the unmentionables’ that tax our digestive systems. Take a few drops in a Veggie capsule.
  8. Clear Gunk. Oregano in your system has the ability to clear respiratory gunk. Take a few drops in a Veggie capsule.
  9. Use instead of Cranberry Juice. When your body’s waste liquid elimination systems are unhappy, it’s uncomfortable. Cranberry juice is great, but Oregano in your system can work to clear this out.
  10. Cuticle Care. Apply one drop of Oregano to 6 drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil to soften cuticles and rough spots that many be encroaching on your toenail.
  11. Keep your Home Clean. To help keep your home clean, mix 3 drops of Oregano with water in a spray bottle and spray it in corners of the shower, sink and other damp and darkened areas.
  12. It’s About Natural Effectiveness. When there is a change of season and seasonal threats are around or you’re not feeling the best, make your own wellness blend by combining 3 drops Oregano, 5 drops Protective Blend, 5 drops Melaleuca and 5 drops Lemon into a Veggie Capsule and you will feel better naturally!

Note: Oregano is a hot oil so always dilute when applying topically


On Guard – Protective Blend (Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary)

  1. Seasonal Relief. Diffuse On Guard anytime there are seasonal threats going around’ day cares, schools, sports arenas, churches and other crowded venues or just at home. You can also add the On Guard oil to Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to the soles of your feet or down your spine for extra support.
  2. Stale Air. Simply add a few drops of On Guard on your car or home air-conditioning vents to filter the stale air.
  3. A Sore Throat. Mix a few drops of On Guard, Lemon essential oil, and honey to a teaspoon to soothe your throat during the winter.
  4. Primp Your Carpets. Add 15 drops of On Guard to a cup of corn starch or baking soda. Mix, sprinkle and rake on the carpet then allow it to sit for up to an hour. Then, vacuum it clean!
  5. Oral Hygiene. Try swishing On Guard with a bit of water after dental work or for an everyday mouth rinse. You can also apply On Guard directly to your teeth and gums with some coconut oil. (or add a drop to your toothpaste) to soothe irritated gums. For a clean toothbrush, store it overnight in a small glass of water with 3-5 drops of the On Guard. You could also try oil pulling with a tablespoon or virgin coconut oil and a few drops of this blend.
  6. Clean bath. Mix 6 drops of On Guard with a half cup of baking soda to clean your bathtub without using any harsh chemicals.
  7. Be Naturally Protected, All Day. This blend assists in the work of immune support and maintenance. One of the most popular ways to use On Guard is to add a few drops to a Veggie Capsule and swallow.
  8. Boost your Immune System. Add a few drops to your smoothies, orange juice and teas for added protection. Or you could add a few drops to cut apples soaking in water for a healthy snack, these apples taste like apple pie and an added bonus to this is they won’t oxidize and go brown if you don’t eat them straight away. It’s also great in yogurts, and bircher muesli.
  9. Smelly Garbage Bins. Clean your garbage bin by spraying and wiping down with On Guard and water. doTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is also excellent for this purpose and cleaning other surfaces.
  10. Clean Gym Machines, and Yoga Mats. Before climbing onto that sweaty vinyl at the gym, or after a yoga workout spray it with On Guard and water.
  11. Clean Baby and Toddlers. Clean toys, highchairs and anything else that might get grubby by adding a few drops of On Guard to a water spray bottle and wipe down. Added benefit is you won’t have to worry about baby or toddler putting nasties chemicals in their mouth like other cleaning products contain.
  12. General Cleaning. Adding a few drops of On Guard in a spray bottle with water works wonders on grimy doorknobs, hand railings, and countertops.
  13. Dirty Oven. Caked on black oven gunk does not easily come off. Make a mix of bicarb, water, On Guard and Lemon essential oil and apply, then scrub off. All done and no nasty chemicals.
  14. Be Protected While Traveling. Traveling often leaves you without hand cleaning spray handy. Make your own non-toxic hand sanitizer by mixing 5 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, 4 tablespoons of water, 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin E and 8 drops of On Guard add to a tub or a squeeze tube you can use this when at home also. It’s great to take in a capsule with olive oil before, during and after a plane trip to support your immune system and ward off environmental threats.
  15. Laundry Rinse. Add On Guard to your wash during the rinse cycle for all of the benefits of the protective blend in your laundry! It will leave your laundry extra clean and be smelling great.

On Guard has a whole range of non-toxic cleaning product that are fantastic for everyday use.

Digestzen – Digestive blend (Ginger, Peppermint, Caraway, Coriander, Anise, Tarragon, and Fennel)

  1. Tame a Tummy. Rub on your child’s tummy when they have an occasional tummy ache. Apply before bedtime and it will help them sleep soundly too! Dilute 1 drop of the digestive blend with Fractionated Coconut Oil and massage onto babies or your tummy clockwise when upset. You will see results in no time.
  2. Had Too Much to Eat. After a holiday feast or other times, you have overeaten take a veggie capsule filled with Digestzen to calm your tummy or have a drop under your tongue before or after you have a big meal to enhance digestion.
  3. Boat and Car Sickness. Long road trips try diffusing and inhaling the Digestzen in the car from time to time to keep everyone’s stomachs calm. A great thing to have on a sailing or fishing boat too!
  4. Turbulence is on the Horizon. Flying to new destinations is fun but turbulence is often a problem for the stomach. When traveling by plane, make sure the Digestzen goes with you.
  5. Take-out. This digestive blend will soothe even the strongest kick that your favourite local take-out can deliver.
  6. Unfamiliar Restaurant Relief or Something Does Not Agree with You. When you travel, or venture out to an unfamiliar restaurant, it’s easy to have digestive distress. Prevent discomfort by taking the Digestzen in a veggie Capsule to prevent or lessen the effects of certain foods.
  7. Anxious Knots. Get your Digestzen roller out and get it on your tummy.
  8. Kick Tension & Pressure. The digestive blend certainly helps calm an upset stomach but can also be applied to the temples to help relieve tension and sinus pressure. Dilute and apply to the temples and bridge of the nose.
  9. Kids Won’t Take a Capsule of the Digestive Blend. To get things moving, put a drop of the Digestive blend in your child’s bath water and support healthy digestion.
  10. Carnival Food. First a funnel cake and then the teacup ride. Make sure you bring Digestzen along so you can have fun with the rest of the family!
  11. Healthy Bowel Movements. Use daily to maintain healthy bowel movements. Take internally or apply topically to your tummy.
  12. A Regularity Ranger. Next time you feel your stomach churn, bloated or feelings of indigestion, help yourself stay comfortable and regular by adding a drop of Digestzen to your water.
  13. Unbalanced Diet. When we get too busy, often our diet suffers. We opt for late night eating, faster than fast food, skipped meals, over indulgences and more. If your hectic schedule turns into hectic digestion, try Digestzen.
  14. A Great Neutralizer.Use 1-2 drops of Digestzen to some water as a mouth rinse at night if you’ve eaten a meal with strong smells, like garlic, onion, curries and more.

Deep Blue – Athletic Blend (Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, German Chamomile, Osmanthus)

  1. Pre-and Post-Exercise. Rub on muscles before and after exercise to reduce discomfort.
  2. Pains of a Desk Job. After long hours on the computer, try rubbing Deep Blue essential oil blend on shoulders and neck to recover and ease muscle tension.
  3. Typing All Day. Deep Blue is great for those who spend long hours typing on a computer. Just massage into the hands, fingers, and wrists and shoulders when needed.
  4. Growing pains. Massage Deep Blue with a few drops of carrier oil onto growing kid’s legs before bedtime to help with occasional aches associated with growth spurts.
  5. Heavy Lifting or Moving House. If you’ve been doing some heavy lifting at work or during a move, Deep Blue will support those strained lower back muscles.
  6. Give Your Partner a Massage. Your better half will thank you after you treat them to a massage using the Deep Blue. Use several drops with a carrier oil for a therapeutic deep-tissue massage.
  7. Muscle, Joint and Bone Health. This blend contains blue tansy and Helichrysum which when used regularly, can help promote long-term muscle, joint, and bone health. It can also help promote and maintain normal inflammatory response in cells.
  8. Muscle Cramps. Occasionally, muscles will cramp if they have been worked hard or are lacking the vitamins they need. For these muscle cramps, try massaging Deep Blue into the area.
  9. The Post-Game Check-Up. When the kids come home with a few bumps from their sports activities, apply Deep Blue to affected areas to help support localized blood flow.
  10. Normal Inflammatory Response. Use Deep Blue to promote and maintain normal inflammatory response in cells.
  11. If You’ve Pushed Yourself Too Far. You’ve over-exerted yourself playing basketball or any other sport. Apply Deep Blue followed by a warm compress to support healthy blood flow and promote a healthy inflammatory response.
  12. Get the Best Of Both Worlds. Deep Blue provides a cooling and warming sensation that cools joints yet warms muscles and soothes occasional joint or bone pain.
  13. Massage Therapist. Take this blend to your next massage and ask your therapist to use it on you.
  14. Tennis Elbow. Keep Deep Blue on hand at your next tennis match so you can be on top of your game and keep those elbows fresh!
  15. Going on a Biking Trip. Put several drops of the soothing blend into an empty 5/8-dram bottle so it is easy to keep in your pouch and take out when needed on the go.
  16. Bad Knees. Keep your runner’s knee in tip top condition with Deep Blue. Application after a long run will help soothe the joint, promote strong, healthy muscles and blood flow.
  17. Get the Most Out of Your Oil. It’s great to apply before a hot shower to tired sore muscles and joints or to apply and put a heat pack on it. I love to rub it on areas of concern and then sit in a sauna.

This amazing blend also comes in a cream rub.

Breathe- Respiratory Blend. (also, known as Easy Air when ordering from the US), (Laurel, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravensara)

  1. A Better Night’s Sleep. For a more restful sleep during seasonal respiratory discomfort, diffuse Breathe at bedtime or keep in a roll-on bottle by the bedside, in the car or your purse. Roll it on the chest, the bottom of feet or upper lip as needed! This blend also comes in a roll up vapour stick for easy application, this is great for kids and has no nasties like Vicks.
  2. Feel Clear and Able to Breathe. Put a drop of Breathe and a drop of Wintergreen essential oil in a sink of hot water. Then, place a damp towel over your head and inhale deeply. It’s amazing how much this helps!
  3. Make Up a Nasal Inhaler. Or take with you on cotton balls, tissues or even just breathe in straight from the bottle!
  4. Pre-workout. Apply to your chest, back and legs before exercising to help invigorate your lungs.
  5. Enhance your Workout With Better Comfort. Forced heating and cooling, sweaty bodies, dust and your lungs…bad combo. Apply Breathe before exercising to invigorate and enhance breathing during your workout.
  6. Feeling Like There’s No Air. Confined spaces can sometimes have stagnant air, which can be claustrophobic. While in these spaces, apply breathe for ease breathing.
  7. Boost Brain Power. Breathe contains Eucalyptus essential oil which is known to help stimulate mental activity and wake up your mind. The powerfully beneficial oils of Peppermint, Lemon, and Melaleuca are all included in the Respiratory blend and are perfect if you are feeling under the weather.
  8. Healthy Airways and Improved Concentration. It’s easy and convenient to just place a drop of Breathe in your palm, rub the palms together and take a deep breath from your cupped hands. Supporting healthy airways will improve your concentration.
  9. Lifts Bad Odour. Diffuse Breathe to lift bad odour.
  10. If Your Child is Trying to Sleep but Can’t Breathe. Place a couple of drops on their pillow, the oil helps to distract them from whatever reason they can’t sleep, and helps maintain breathing.
  11. Breaking Bad Habits. Overcoming bad habits is tricky. Occasionally lingering side effects affect breathing. Breathe will help you kick bad habits by promoting easier breathing while maintaining lung and throat health.
  12. Snoring. Swipe Breathe diluted on the chest and under the nose of whoever is keeping you awake by snoring.
  13. Clearing Your Airways and Warming Your Feet at The Same Time. A great way to warm your feet in the winter is too warm a cloth bag (filled with rice or feed corn kernels) in the microwave and place it at your feet when you are in bed at night-time. Add a few drops of Breathe on the bag to make it an aromatically soothing experience as well, promoting open airways.
  14. No Diffuser Handy. Diffusing is great, but when you don’t have a diffuser handy, simply add a drop of both Breathe and Frankincense into the palm of your hand. Then, make a fist with a small opening over the oils and breathe in through your fist. This simple technique does wonders!
  15. An Invigorated Senior Citizen’s Home. As senior citizens, our energy and passion for making things fresh and invigorating may wane. A senior care center or rest home does not have to smell like one. By simply diffusing Breathe, you can change the whole feeling of the place—and make it a more pleasant experience for residents as well as visitors.

This respiratory blend also comes in an amazing vapour stick and throat drops.

doTERRA’s top 10 oils in this blog come in The Home Essentials Kit and Essentials Collection Kit

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I look forward to welcoming you to this oil journey.


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